Global Pyrethrum Market to Expand Modestly through 2025

Spices, Aromatic, Drug And Pharmaceutical Crops April 18, 2017
Author: Anna Sergeeva
Market Analyst

pyrethrum market

Photo: © MayaK / Bigstockphoto

According to market research conducted by IndexBox, global pyrethrum market stood at 11,957 tonnes in 2015, equaling approx. 20,333 thousand USD. From 2007 to 2015, the global pyrethrum market showed overall downward dynamics. A significant drop in 2009 (39% Y-o-Y) was followed by a mild recovery through 2012. Afterwards, the market declined again and then started a new moderate upward trend. Despite this, the market failed to achieve the pre-crisis level of 2008.

Switzerland (4,880 tonnes), Papua New Guinea (1,150 tonnes), Kenya (350 tonnes), and Italy (300 tonnes) were the countries with the highest demand, together comprising near 56% of global consumption. The lowest annual growth rates of pyrethrum consumption from 2007 to 2015 were recorded in Kenya, where it declined at an average annual rate of -32.4%. Therefore, Kenya significantly weakened its share in global consumption structure from 49% in 2007 to 4% in 2015.

Switzerland (588 gr/persons in 2015) and Papua New Guinea (151 gr/persons) recorded high levels of per capita consumption, which was significantly higher than the world average of 2 gr/persons. In these countries, per capita consumption decreased in 2007-2015. The annual decrease in per capita consumption from 2007 to 2015 was the most pronounced in Kenya, with -34.1% per year.

Global growth in pyrethrum consumption trend is expected to accelerate to +1.7% (currently at -3.8%) in the medium term, which is to lead the consumption figure to 14.1 thousand tonnes in 2025. The development of the main consuming industry, which is the production of insecticides, will be a driver of this moderate growth in consumption.

Pyrethrum is a widely traded commodity, with the share of export in total global output standing at about 38% in 2015. High trade intensity is determined mainly by the geographical differentiation between the main countries of pyrethrum manufacturing and the key consuming countries.

Pyrethrum will continue to be highly traded, fueled by increasing consumption, trade liberalization policies, as well as intense global and regional integration. However, annual growth could be restrained by the softening growth of pyrethrum manufacturing and the increasing domestic demand in some of the major exporting countries.

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Source: World: Pyrethrum - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2025