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For over 10 years now, IndexBox has been conducting market research, completing consulting work and selling reports. Our clients include thousands of companies worldwide - from small farming businesses to renowned international organizations and brand names such as the IMF, McKinsey, EY, Mitsui, Nike, Henkel, Kraft Foods, Bulgari and PepsiCo.

Today, IndexBox has fine tuned the process of how to generate marketing reports on the fly. The artificial intelligence platform, developed by our data scientists, constitutes the key working tool for business analysts, empowering them to discover deep insights from marketing data. This platform drives data-decision making, uncovering new business opportunities and empowering analysts with actionable insights.

Our Mission

In the ten years that IndexBox has been involved in research and consulting projects, we consistently encountered the same problem — a lack of high-quality and accurate data. This explains why an analyst can spend most of the project time sourcing data and verifying its reliability; as a result, the actual analysis itself can get pushed to one side. The final submission should be completed the night before the project deadline, which then meant meeting the client red-eyed. We fundamentally wanted to change this.

There was only one solution: to design a AI-powered tool that could analyze big data and generate a core of a marketing report instead of the analyst; the analyst would then only have to produce a conclusion based on the wealth of their experience.

We remain certain that our Platform will not usurp the analyst; on the contrary, using this tool will ensure that the analyst can focus on advanced analysis work, when the true value of human expertise plays centre stage.

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