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Webinar: Global Cotton Yarn Market - Statistics, Trends, and Outlook

Thursday, April 8th, 2021 @ 10:00 am ET

Join our live webinar to get insights into the global cotton yarn market.

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We are hosting a 40-minute live webinar on the global cotton yarn market.

Join us to get the main macroeconomic statistics around the production and trade, and talk over the challenges of coronavirus and the nearest future of the market.

We invite speakers from the industry to share their thoughts on how they are going through this difficult time.

Listen to stories from entrepreneurs from around the world and share yours!


China remains the global leader in terms of cotton yarn production and consumption. The Chinese textile industry has experienced a rapid transformation over the last two decades. Thus, there was a boom in the synthetic yarn industry in China since the late 1990-s, while cotton yarn output remained relatively stable. This was driven by the strong development of the construction sector in China, particularly, infrastructure and urban construction, amid the strong growth of the economy and rapid urbanization. Rising construction required lots of non-woven synthetic fabrics used as geotextiles and as a component for the production of composite materials. Another impact comes from the increased availability of synthetic fibers due to the rising oil consumption, with the raw materials for fibers constituting a by-product of petroleum distillation.

Given those factors, the production of synthetic fiber apparel also grew. By contrast, cotton yarn output remained relatively stable because it is used only for human apparel, and it was pressured by the rising supply of synthetic fibers. This led to the fact that the share of cotton yarn in terms of the total yarn output in China contracted from near 50% in 2000 to near 22% in 2019. This, however, constitutes a tangible figure of 6.4M tons.

With this figure, China heads global cotton yarn production. Other countries with the highest volumes of cotton yarn production in 2019 include India (5.3M tons) and Pakistan (3.7M tons), with a combined 72% share of global production. Turkey, Vietnam, the U.S. and Brazil lagged somewhat behind, together comprising a further 16% (IndexBox estimates).

From 2013 to 2019, the most notable rate of growth in terms of cotton yarn production, amongst the leading producing countries, was attained by Vietnam (+24.2%), while cotton yarn production for the other global leaders experienced more modest paces of


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