Which Countries Produce the Most Electro-Mechanical Tools?

Power-Driven Hand Tools March 07, 2017
Author: Sergey Avramenko
Head of Global Markets Research Team

electro-mechanical tool market

Photo: © kadmy / Bigstockphoto

Global electro-mechanical tool market production (drills of all kinds, saws or other) was estimated at 21.8 billion USD in 2015, a decline of 419 million USD against 2014. There was an annual increase of +3.1% (based on USD) for the period from 2007 to 2015.

According to market research conducted by IndexBox, the countries with the largest production of electro-mechanical tools (drills of all kinds, saws or other) in absolute volumes were China (11,147 million USD), followed by the U.S. (3,011 million USD) somewhat lagging behind, Japan (1,844 million USD) and Germany (1,426 million USD).

The most notable rates of growth in terms of electro-mechanical tools (drills of all kinds, saws or other) production amongst the main producing countries from 2007 to 2015 were attained by China (+5.0% per year), and then the U.S. (+2.9%), while the other two global leaders (Japan and Germany) experienced negative paces of growth.

Top 5 electro-mechanical tool producing countries in 2015

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Source: World: Electro-Mechanical Tools (Drills Of All Kinds, Saws Or Other) - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2025