Spanish Strawberry to Enhance Presence on The UK Market

Pome Fruits And Stone Fruits June 23, 2017
Author: Sergey Avramenko
Head of Global Markets Research Team

strawberry market

Photo: © leungchopan / Bigstockphoto

According to market research conducted by IndexBox, from 2007 to 2015, the U.K. strawberry market showed an overall positive trend with mild fluctuations. Over the last two years, the market accelerated rapidly, amounting to 174 thousand tonnes in 2015, which showed 14% growth from the year before. In value terms, there were more perceptible fluctuations of the market. Finally, the market reached 703 million USD in 2015.

The volume of total UK strawberry imports amounted to 54.8 thousand tonnes in 2015, which accounted for 31% of strawberry consumption in the UK. This shows that the UK is highly dependent on foreign strawberry supplies. Spain (52%, based on tonnes in 2015) was the main supplier of strawberries into the UK. It was followed by the Netherlands (19%), Belgium (10%), Morocco (7%), Germany (4%), Ireland, and Egypt (2% each).

The UK exported 1.9 thousand tonnes of strawberries in 2015, which accounted for only 1.6% of total UK strawberry output. Over the analyzed period, the volumes of the UK's exports to different countries were irregular. Spain (37% on tonnes), the Netherlands (31%), and Germany (19%) were the main destinations of the UK's strawberry exports in 2015.

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Source: United Kingdom: Strawberries - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2025