Webinar: Global Hydrogen Market - Statistics, Trends, and Outlook

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 @ 10:00 am ET

Join our live webinar to get insights into the global hydrogen market.

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We are hosting a 40-minute live webinar on the hydrogen market.

Join us to get the main macroeconomic statistics around the production and trade, and talk over the challenges and the nearest future of the market.

We invite speakers from the industry to share their thoughts on how they are going through this difficult time.

Listen to stories from entrepreneurs from around the world and share yours!

Key Trends and Insights

EU hydrogen production declined sharply in April 2020 by -15% against March figures, due to lockdown and stagnation in the chemical industry. Production only recovered in Q4 and continues to increase as of the beginning of 2021. 

189 countries are now committed to reducing greenhouse emissions under the terms of the Paris Agreement, indicating that the demand for sustainable fuels will increase. The hydrogen market demonstrates tangible prospects: hydrogen, irrespective of its current high production costs, constitutes an excellent sustainable fuel due to the fact that when being combusted, it transforms to just water, without any harmful exhaust gases or carbon.

In July 2020, the European Union adopted the EU Hydrogen Strategy, to promote the widespread use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel, and conducted research into hydrogen production in Europe to determine investment opportunities from 2020 to 2050. The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was established at the same time to connect industry, government authorities and the public. A dedicated regulatory and legal framework, specifically the Trans-European Networks for Energy (TEN-E) and The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) initiatives should further promote the use of hydrogen from the perspective of alternative energy. 

In addition to the European Union, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand, amongst others, have already adopted their own hydrogen strategies. The UK carbon-free energy plan also envisages an increased role for hydrogen fuel, while in the U.S., a targeted program has yet to be developed.

Encouraged by the latest technological developments, commercial interest in hydrogen fuel increased over the past year. 96% of global hydrogen output is still generated from natural gas; this process emits considerable volumes of greenhouse gases. The production of 'green' hydrogen through water electrolysis represents a sustainable alternative to this synthesis method. The emergence of gigawatt-capacity electrolysis facilities will reduce production costs and make hydrogen more accessible. 


Carbon Power Mexico
Daniel Cano
Founder & CEO
Chemical Engineer with experience in business development, entrepreneurship and management positions in the chemical industry. Having strong experience on Innovation, Flavors and Fragrances and Automotive Industry.

We seek to improve environmental conditions and air quality by developing and scaling up carbon capture and utilization technology in order to curb global warming. We use emissions of polluting gases with a high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) to convert them into ethanol and ethylene, substances that are used to generate electricity as fuel, and plastics precursors.

BM Renewables
Hemant Kumar Mulmudi
Founder & Director
Developing halide based perovskite materials for single junction and tandem solar cells and using luminescence spectroscopy as a characterization tool. Engineering and modeling (data sampling and analysis) electronic structure and interaction of material systems in bulk and at interfaces utilizing simulation tools for applications in optoelectronics, sensors, coatings.

Our mission at BM Renewables is to provide safe, sustainable, reliable and innovative technological solutions in the ever-evolving energy sector (solar power, green hydrogen and fuels), driven primarily by end-user needs, patterns and government policies.

IndexBox Inc.
Ivan Borovoi
Market Analyst, Editor
Ivan Borovoi is a market analyst and editor at IndexBox Inc.

For over 10 years now, IndexBox has been conducting market research, completing consulting work, and selling reports.

Nano Gas Technologies, Inc.
Len Bland
Chief Executive Officer
Len Bland's role as a Capital Matchmaker(tm) lead him to found Nano Gas Technologies, Inc. This world changing technology makes tiny bubbles that clean up the environment.

The Nano Gas™ process creates nano bubbles that separate oil and clean up produced water. The reduced buoyancy of nano bubbles increases the solubility of gases in liquids by 5 times. This enables faster skimming of oil, chemical transformation such as elimination of hydrogen sulfide, and accelerates aerobic digestion of chemicals and organic waste.

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