Webinar: Addressing Cooling Challenges in the Oil & Gas Industry - Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development

Monday, November 2nd, 2020 @ 10:00 am ET

Join our live webinar to get insights into cooling innovations in the oil and gas industry.

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We are hosting a 40-minute live webinar on cooling challenges in the oil and gas industry.

Join us to talk over how the improved efficiency might decrease the material and energy cost of the oil refining processes, as well as oil and gas extraction and transportation.

We invite speakers from the oil and gas sector, OEM contractors, and application manufacturers to share their thoughts on how to address this issue.

Hear from experts from around the world and share yours!


In 2020, the global oil and gas industry, like the entire global economy, is going through difficult challenges and transformation. As a result of quarantine restrictions and the disruption of international transport activity, the demand for oil fell sharply, leading to a radical drop in oil price. 

At a time when the revenues of oil companies have fallen sharply, sources for investment are limited, and the development of alternative energy is increasingly being voiced in the world, the improvement of the efficiency of technological processes is becoming an internal source of growth for oil companies. 

According to "Oil & Gas Product News", as environmental regulations and challenging market conditions place higher demands on these industries, improved cooling technologies are emerging to help address these challenges.

In the oil and gas industry, many cooling towers currently in service were built as part of the original refinery construction and are fast approaching the end of their service lives. In order to meet today's production demands and industry requirements, these towers must be upgraded or replaced with more efficient products and better long-term maintenance plans must be instituted.

One of the aspects that allow reducing the cost of materials and energy used in refineries is to increase the efficiency of heat exchange equipment due to innovations in coolant substance, which is, among other, discussed in the webinar.


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For over 10 years now, IndexBox has been conducting market research, completing consulting work, and selling reports.

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