Which Countries Consume the Most Hazelnuts?

Other Tree And Bush Fruits And Nuts February 20, 2017
Author: Irina Andreeva
Market Analyst

hazelnut market

Photo: © De Visu / Bigstockphoto

In 2015, the global hazelnut market grew to 835 thousand tonnes, following the significant market contraction in 2014. In value terms, the market volume increased over the period from 2014-2015, reaching 2,897 million USD.

The countries with the highest consumption were Turkey (69%), and then Italy some way behind (14%), followed by Georgia (4%), Azerbaijan (3%) and Spain (2%); together they accounted for nearly 92% of global consumption.

Among the leading consuming countries, according to market research conducted by IndexBox, high levels of per capita consumption were recorded in Georgia (8.1 kg/year) and Turkey (7.4 kg/year, which was significantly higher than the world average of 0.1 kg/year. It should be noted that not all the hazelnut volume produced is consumed directly as a food source: the product is increasingly being used as a raw material in the manufacture of food products, such as nut paste and various confectionary items.

The global growth in hazelnuts consumption is expected to accelerate to +2.0% (currently +0.4%) in the medium term. Consumption growth on the hazelnut market will be influenced by increased demand from both the public in general and the corporate sector. The global consumption of hazelnuts is expected to reach 921 thousand tonnes in 2020, therefore remaining below the figure of 2008.

Top 10 countries consuming the most hazelnuts in 2015

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Source: World: Hazelnuts - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2025