Kitchen Wooden Furniture Market - Total EU Wooden Kitchen Furniture Exports Peaked, Driven by Rising Supplies To Non-EU Countries

Furniture August 17, 2016
Author: Sergey Avramenko
Head of Global Markets Research Team

kitchen wooden furniture market

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EU exports of wooden kitchen furniture recovered from the recessionary slump and reached their highest level over the recent years. The largest volume of trade occurs between the EU Member States, however, deliveries to non-member countries post solid gains. Despite the rising exports to countries outside of the EU, their share of the total EU output is relatively small. Therefore, domestic demand will continue to be the main driver of EU wooden kitchen furniture manufacturing.

Total exports on the wooden kitchen furniture market by the EU Member States grew steadily over the last four years, soaring to their peak of 3,329 million EUR in 2015. Data on the EU trade with non-EU countries shows that the EU consistently remains a net exporter of wooden kitchen furniture.

Total EU Exports Of Wooden Kitchen Furniture

Germany was the leading exporter of wooden kitchen furniture among the EU members, with a 51% share of total exports in 2015. Italy followed far behind with a 22% share. Other countries took a 5% or lower share of total exports. Germany strengthened its position in the European export structure by +5 percentage points from 2007 to 2015, while Italy saw its share reduced by -2 percentage points. The shares of other exporting countries remained relatively stable over the period under review.

Germany and Italy, together with the UK and France, are also leaders in the production of wooden kitchen furniture in the EU. However, while Germany and Italy made significant deliveries to the foreign markets, the UK and France did not export much of their output. This suggests that most of the wooden kitchen furniture manufactured in these countries was consumed at the domestic market.

EU Wooden Kitchen Furniture Output, By Country

The EU Member States engaged in the majority of the wooden kitchen furniture trade, while extra-EU exports accounted for about 41% of the total exports in 2015. Extra-EU exports of wooden kitchen furniture reached about 1,365 million EUR that year, which was 10% more than the year before.

Since the share of extra-EU exports in the total EU wooden kitchen furniture output amounted to about 11% in 2015, EU wooden kitchen furniture manufacturing is not very sensitive to the environment on the foreign markets. The rising domestic demand remains a key growth driver for this industry. At the same time, increasing exports to the foreign markets support the recovery of the EU wooden kitchen furniture manufacturing.

Switzerland, Norway, Russia, the U.S., and China have been the main foreign markets for the EU wooden kitchen furniture over the last 10 years. Shipments to these countries have traditionally occupied about 70% of total extra-EU exports. The structure of foreign exports has remained relatively stable in the recent years, with the exception of supplies to the U.S., whose share fell from 15% to 10% over the period under review. At the same time, the proportion of supplies to China has been gradually increasing.

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Source: EU: Wooden Kitchen Furniture - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2020