Air Conditioning Machine Market - Total EU Imports of Air Conditioning Machines Languish While Extra-EU Imports Give Way to Domestic Supply

Other General-Purpose Machinery August 03, 2016
Author: Irina Andreeva
Market Analyst

air conditioning machine market

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Despite somewhat noticeable growth, total EU Member States imports on the air conditioning machine market remain far below their pre-crisis levels. Over the last four years, imports of air conditioning machines fluctuated at record lows, amounting to 4,838 million EUR in 2015.

Total EU Imports Of Air Conditioning Machines

France (14%), Germany (12%), Italy, and Spain (10% each) were the largest importers of air conditioning machines among the Member States, together comprising 47% of total EU imports. The shares of France (-1 percentage points) and Germany (+2 percentage points each) illustrated positive dynamics, while Italy (-5 percentage points) and Spain (-4 percentage points) saw their shares reduced from 2007 to 2015.

The major share of trade has been conducted between the EU Member States over recent years. However, extra-EU imports comprise a perceptible 38% of total imports. In 2015, extra-EU imports of air conditioning machines reached 1,854 million USD, which was 2% more than the year before.


EU Air Conditioning Machines Market Structure – Domestic Supply Vs. Extra-EU Imports

The share of extra-EU imports in terms of the European air conditioning machines consumption declined steadily over the last eight years, standing at 24% in 2015. Despite fierce competition from extra-EU imports, especially from Asian countries (China, Thailand, and Japan), European manufacturers have strengthened their position at the domestic market in recent years. The further development of the EU air conditioning machines market is likely to continue being fueled mainly by domestic supply.

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Source: EU: Air Conditioning Machines - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2020