Organic Garlic Market - Spanish Organic Garlic Suppliers Strengthened Their Positions on the U.S. Market

Organic Food December 29, 2016
Author: Irina Andreeva
Market Analyst

organic garlic market

Photo: © Marina Pissarova / Bigstockphoto

U.S. organic garlic imports amounted to 2,045 thousand USD in 2015, fluctuating wildly over the period under review. After doubling in 2014, organic garlic imports slipped back by 24% in 2015.

According to IndexBox estimates, Argentina continues its dominance on the U.S. organic garlic market. In 2015, Argentina organic garlic imports totaled 1,680 thousand USD, which accounted for an 82% share in terms of the U.S. imports. Spain, Mexico and Albania were the other suppliers of organic garlic in 2015.

While Argentina and Mexico declined their organic garlic exports to the U.S., Spain continues to increase its supplies robustly. Spanish suppliers are to benefit from reduction of imports from Argentina, partially replacing these shrinking volumes on the U.S. market.

The average import price for organic garlic decreased by 19% in 2015, amounting to 0.11 USD per kg. Import prices varied considerably by country of origin. Spain (0.33 USD/kg) was a high priced country of origin, while Mexico (0.04 USD/kg) was among the lowest.

U.S. Imports of Organic Garlic, in Value Terms

Key Importing Countries of Organic Garlic

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Source: U.S. Organic Garlic Market. Analysis and Forecast To 2020