Indian Pear Market Reached 325K Tonnes in 2015

Pome Fruits And Stone Fruits June 07, 2017
Author: Anna Sergeeva
Market Analyst

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Photo: © CatherineL-Prod/ Bigstockphoto

According to market research conducted by IndexBox, over the period under review, two differently oriented trends in terms of the pear market volume in India were observed. From 2007 to 2012, the Indian pear market showed an upward trend. However, it was followed by a three-year reduction due to drought and the reduced volume of domestic product deliveries. In 2015, the market dropped to 325 thousand tonnes.

In value terms, the market showed mixed dynamics, but the overall trend was positive, increasing at an average annual growth rate of +4.4% due to the rising product prices. In 2015, the value reached 130 million USD.

The volume of total Indian pear imports amounted to 22 thousand tonnes in 2015, expanding at an average annual rate of +12.2% over the period under review. However, the share of imports in consumption did not exceed 7%. Due to low trade intensity, imports should not be regarded as a strong factor influencing the Indian market dynamics in the medium term. However, the volume of imports will continue to grow. China (62%, based on tonnes) was the main supplier of pears into India in 2015. It was followed by South Africa (26%) and the U.S. (11%).

India exported less than 1 tonne of pears in 2015, which accounted for only 0.03% of India's pear output. In 2015, the main destinations of Indian pear exports were Nepal (44%), Malaysia (30%), and the United Arab Emirates (25%).

Net India imports of pears have shown an upward trend since 2007. In 2015, this industry ran a trade deficit of 22 thousand tonnes. This deficit could grow substantially in the years to come.

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Source: India: Pears - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2025