Global Electric Locomotive Market Reached 6B Usd in 2015

Railway Locomotives And Rolling Stock June 13, 2017
Author: Anna Sergeeva
Market Analyst

electric locomotive market

According to market research conducted by IndexBox, in 2015, the globalĀ electric locomotive market amounted to 2,256 thousand units, an increase of 1% against the previous year. In value terms, it reached 5,923 million USD. From 2007, the global electric locomotive market showed an upward trend, however, it morphed into a negative trend in 2011, declining until 2013. Afterwards, the market volume stabilized through 2015.

The countries with the highest consumption were the EU-28 (29% of total consumption), China (20%), India (19%) and Russia (16%), together comprising approx. 79% of global consumption. Amongst the leading consuming countries, high levels of per capita consumption were recorded in Russia (2.4 unit/1,000 persons) and the EU-28 (1.2 unit/1,000 persons), which was significantly higher than the world average of 0.3 unit/1,000 persons. The annual growth of per capita consumption from 2007 to 2015 was the most notable in Russia, with a +10.7% growth.

In 2015, the value of global exports totaled 1,154 million USD, fluctuating wildly over the period under review. The consistent growth seen from 2007-2010 conceded to a period of decline from 2011-2014; in 2015, the volume of exports experienced renewed growth. China (737 million) and Germany (142 million USD) were the main global suppliers of electric locomotives in 2015, with a combined share of 76% of global exports.

The volume of global imports totaled 1,217 million USD in 2015. The imports dynamic was generally in line with exports: these trade flows globally complement each other. Following the high trade intensity, the share of imports in global demand accounted for approx. 20%. In 2015, South Africa (488 units), Ethiopia (137 million USD), Austria (123 million USD), Germany (106 million USD) and the Netherlands (79 million USD) were the leading destinations for electric locomotive imports, together making up 77% of global imports in value terms.

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Source: World: Electric Locomotives - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2025