Cigarette Market - Germany Emerges as the Leading Exporter of Cigarettes

Tobacco Products December 20, 2016
Author: Maria Fadeeva
Market Analyst

cigarette market

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From 2007 to 2015, global exports of cigarettes showed a steady growth, with the exception of minor declines in 2009 and 2015. Exports amounted to 20,632 million USD in 2015. There was an annual increase of +2.4% throughout the analyzed period.

According to IndexBox estimates, Germany became the top global exporter of cigarettes. In 2015, Germany's exports of cigarettes totaled 3,385 million USD, which accounted for a 16% share in terms of global exports. Poland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Romania were the other key global suppliers on the cigarette market in 2015, with a 26% combined share of global exports.

Romania (+24.0% per year) and Poland (+16.7% per year) were the fastest growing exporters from 2007 to 2015. Poland significantly strengthened its position in the global exports of cigarettes, growing its share from 4% in 2007 to 10% in 2015.

On the other hand, Japan (14%, based on value terms), Italy (8%), France (6%), Saudi Arabia (5%), and Spain (4%) were the leading destinations of imports of cigarettes in 2015. Imports to Saudi Arabia grew at a rapid pace of +11.6% per year from 2007 to 2015. By contrast, Spain significantly contracted its imports of cigarettes over the same period. Saudi Arabia's share of global imports increased by +3 percentage points, while the balance of key importers shrunk their import shares over the same period.

Global Exports Of Cigarettes Containing Tobacco

Key Exporting Countries Of Cigarettes Containing Tobacco

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Source: World: Cigarettes Containing Tobacco - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2020