Plastic Article Market - EU Exports of Plastic Bottles Decelerate on Both the Internal And the External Market

Plastics August 22, 2016
Author: Anna Sergeeva
Market Analyst

plastic article market

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In the recent years, growth in exports of plastic bottles has slowed both within the EU and outside of it. This trend reflects the relatively modest increase in production of plastic bottles in the EU. At the same time, the industry is almost entirely focused on the internal European demand, which will remain the main driver of growth in the medium term.

Total exports on the plastic bottle market by the EU Member States amounted to 3,167 million EUR in 2015, growing at slow pace over the last three years, compared with intensive post-crisis growth. Data on the EU trade with non-EU countries shows that the EU remains a net exporter of plastic bottles.

Total EU Exports Of Carboys, Bottles, And Similar Articles Of Plastic

Germany was the main supplier of plastic bottles among the EU members, accounting for 18% of total exports in 2015. It was followed by France (10%), Netherlands (9%), Austria (9%), and Belgium (9%). From 2007 to 2015, Germany (-1.6% per year) showed negative dynamics in relative values, same as most of the other leaders, except for Netherlands, which grew with a CAGR of +2.1% per year.

The EU Member States engaged in the majority of plastic bottle trade. Meanwhile, extra-EU exports reached 578 million EUR in 2015, which accounted for about 18% of the total exports. Extra-EU exports showed an upward trend over the period under review.

Despite the growth of extra-EU exports in recent years, they cannot provide a significant stimulus to the restoration of EU plastic bottle manufacturing. EU plastic bottle industry is not sensitive to the environment of the foreign markets because extra-EU exports have remained at a low 6% of the total EU plastic bottle output from 2007 to 2015.

As a result, domestic demand remains the main growth driver for the EU plastic bottle industry. The manufacture of food and drink products is the key downstream industry for the plastic bottle manufacturing. At the moment, the food and beverage industry in the EU is enjoying a growth period, supporting the demand for plastic bottles. Progress and advances in plastic technology are also likely to promote the use of plastic packaging for foods and drinks. In addition, plastic packaging tends to become more environmental-friendly, with a gradually increasing proportion of biodegradable plastics.

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Source: EU: Carboys, Bottles, And Similar Articles Of Plastics - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2020