China Remains the Main Producer of Cash Registers

Office Machinery And Equipment May 18, 2018
Author: Sergey Avramenko
Head of Global Markets Research Team

IndexBox has just published a new report "World: Cash Registers - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2025". Here is a summary of the report’s key findings.

Global Cash Register Market Decreased Marginally

In 2016, the cash registers market decreased to $5.7B in wholesale prices. This figure reflects total revenue of producers and importers (excluding logistics costs, retail marketing costs, and retailers’ margins, which will be included in the final consumer price). In physical terms, it experienced an upward trend with, however, somewhat noticeable breakdowns in certain years, finally totalling 34.7M units.

China, the U.S. and the UK Constitute Major Consumers of Cash Registers

China ($1.7B), the U.S. ($964M), the UK ($337M), Japan ($184M), Canada ($171M), India ($165M), Australia ($163M), Turkey ($140M), Malaysia ($140M) and Russia ($138M) constituted the countries with the highest consumption, together comprising near 72% of the global market. 

The highest annual growth rates of cash registers consumption from 2007 to 2016 were recorded in India, with +27.3% growth, Russia and Australia, with +16.3% and +12.3% growth, respectively. Consequently, India (+3 percentage points), Russia (+2 percentage points) and Australia (+2 percentage points) strengthened its share in terms of the global consumption from 2007 to 2016. By contrast, shares of China (-7 percentage points) and the U.S. (-13 percentage points) declined over the period under review.

Amongst the leading consuming countries, high levels of per capita consumption were recorded in in Australia ($6.8 per year), the UK ($5.2 per year), Canada ($4.7 per year) and Malaysia ($4.6 per year), which was significantly higher than the world average of $0.8 per year. The annual growth of per capita consumption from 2007 to 2016 was the most notable in India, with +25.8% per year, Russia, with +16.3% per year, and Australia, with +10.7% per year.

Market Consumption Is Expected to Increase Moderately

Cash registers are machines that allow you to manage transactions in retail outlets, control the inventory of goods, monitor the flow of funds and register transactions in accounting data systems. Therefore, expansion of retail outlets and rising retail turnover constitute key factors behind cash register market growth. This will be largely conditioned by overall favourable condition of global economy, rising disposable incomes and increasing construction, particularly in Asia and in the U.S. 

Driven by global retail trade growth on the backdrop of economy expansion and rising incomes, the cash registers market is projected to continue a measured upward consumption trend over the next nine years.The performance of the market is forecast to increase with an anticipated CAGR of +0.8% (in constant 2016 prices) for the period from 2016 to 2025, which is expected to bring the market value to $6.1B by 2025.

China Remains the Main Producer of Cash Registers 

Production of cash registers declined from $6.3B in 2007 to $5.1B in 2016, falling with a CAGR of -2.3% over the last nine years. By contrast, in physical terms, production stood at 36.8M units in 2016, which was 2% more than the year before. From 2007 to 2016, the average annual growth rate of production volume was +2.3%. 

China was the key world cash registers producing country with an output of about $2.5BK in 2016, which accounted for half of total global output. The other major producers were the U.S. (12%), Malaysia (6%), Hungary (4%), Korea (3%), the UK (2%) and India (2%). Hungary (+26.1%), India (+22.2%) and Malaysia (+13.6%) and the UK (+8.2%) had a positive dynamics of production, while the U.S. (-9.9%), Korea   (-7.8%) and China (-1.0%) declined its production.

About 54% of Total Consumption Was Imported 

The share of imports in total consumption of cash registers increased from 33% in 2007 to 54% in 2016. Cash registers will continue to be highly traded, fueled by increasing consumption, trade liberalization policies, intense global and regional integration. However, the trade expansion could be restrained by softening economy growth.

China Dominates Global Cash Register Exports, while Malaysia and Hungary Emerge as the Fastest Growing Exporters

In 2016, the value of global exports totalled $2.4B, increasing gradually from 2007-2016 but levelling off over the last year. In physical terms, the volume of global exports amounted to 17.7M units, posting robust gains over the period under review but flattening in 2016.

China leads global cash registers exports with a share of 37% of the total exports. In 2016, China exported $901M, which accounted for 36% of its total cash registers output. Besides China, the largest global suppliers in 2016 were the U.S. ($253M), Hungary ($187M) and Malaysia ($181M), which together comprised another 25% of the total exports. The fastest growing suppliers from 2007 to 2016 were China (+10.6% per year), Hungary (+23.5% per year) and Malaysia (+18.5% per year).

The U.S. remains the largest market for imported cash registers

The value of global imports totalled $3.0B in 2016. Imports trend pattern generally mirrored that of exports: these trade flows globally complement each other. 

In 2016, the U.S. ($620M), the UK ($269M), Australia ($167M), Italy ($128M), Japan ($120M), Canada ($105M) and Turkey ($104M) constituted the leading markets for cash registers imports, together comprising 50% of global imports. Amongst the major importing countries, Australia (+12.0% per year), Italy (+8.6% per year), Japan (+5.9% per year) and the UK (+5.4% per year) gained the highest annual growth rates from 2007 to 2016. While the share of the U.S. decreased significantly from 31% in 2007 to 20% in 2016, the shares of the other countries remained relatively stable throughout the analyzed period.

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Source: World: Cash Registers - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2025