Organic Ginger Market - China and Peru Emerged as Major Suppliers of Organic Ginger to the U.S.

Organic Food December 30, 2016
Author: Irina Andreeva
Market Analyst

organic ginger market

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U.S. organic ginger imports amounted to 12.2 million USD in 2015, fluctuating wildly over the last three years. Significant growth in 2014 was followed by a decrease in 2015. As it could be estimated from the preliminary figures for Jan-Oct 2016, in 2016 imports are likely to continue that negative trend.

According to IndexBox estimates, China and Peru dominated in the U.S. organic ginger market. In 2015, Chinese organic ginger imports totaled 5.1 million USD, which accounted for a 42% share of U.S. imports. Imports from Peru equaled 5.0 million USD, accounting for 41%. India, Nigeria, and Germany were the other notable suppliers of organic ginger in 2015, with a 16% combined share of total organic imports.

China and Peru were the fastest growing importers from 2011 to 2015, significantly strengthening their positions in U.S. organic ginger imports, from unnoticeable shares in 2011 to dominant positions in 2015.

The average import price for organic ginger was 1.37 USD per kg in 2016, declining slightly from 2014. Import prices varied considerably by country of origin. India (5.3 USD/kg) was a high priced country of origin, while Peru (2.3 USD/kg) lagged somewhat behind, and China (0.7 USD/kg) was among the lowest.

U.S. Imports of Organic Ginger, in Value Terms

Key Importing Countries of Organic Ginger

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Source: U.S. Organic Ginger Market. Analysis And Forecast To 2020