What Makes Poultry Meat So Popular Across The Globe?

Poultry May 26, 2015
Author: Olga Minchina
Account Manager

As the most affordable type of meat, poultry has long enjoyed high consumption rates among low income groups of global population. However, healthy eating habits trends drove higher income customers to consuming poultry as a source of low fat protein. Poultry meat is forecast to dominate in meat consumption growth, increasing by 27% to 2023.

Meat sector dynamics are determined by such factors as consumer preferences, as well as income and population growth. The most recent trend in meat consumption is clearly defined by a solid increase in poultry demand. For example, according to OECD Publishing, in the US, per capita poultry consumption is expected to rise from 51 kg in 2013 to 57 kg by 2023.

In terms of price, pork is the strongest competition to poultry, though, unlike pork, the latter is not subject to cultural and religious barriers. Regions like the Middle East and Africa hardly consume any pork, while poultry is the universally accepted type of meat. Even in China, the largest pork sector in the world, pork consumption has been slowing down, as the market reached its saturation point. The share of poultry is expected to grow in China, as an alternative source of protein.

Aggregate meat consumption remains highest in developing countries. In Asia, driven by income growth and increasing urban population, total meat consumption is expected to undergo a 26% increase.

Despite being the world's largest vegetarian country, India is experiencing rapid meat consumption growth, though it still remains low compared with the rest of the world, by 2023 it is forecast to stand at less than 5 kg per capita.

In Africa, although overall meat consumption remains low, only 34% of global average, population growth may boost consumption growth in the medium term. Poultry meat is projected to outstrip bovine meat consumption. Together these types of meat will account for 70% of total meat consumption, 20% taken by sheep meat.

All in all, poultry meat not only maintains strong position on the world market, but it is also expected to continue an upward trend. Free of cultural barriers, low priced and a source of low fat protein, poultry meat is confidently climbing past other types of meat, becoming the most popular meat in the world.

Source: World: Poultry - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2020