The EU Stationery Market Plunged

Other Paper Products February 27, 2015
Author: Alexander Romanenko
Chief Executive Officer

The EU stationery market has shown negative dynamics in the last few years. The significant drop in 2010 (-24.3% Y-o-Y) was followed by a slight increase in 2011 (1.8% Y-o-Y). Over the next two years, the market gradually decreased due to an economic slowdown in Europe.

Production of stationery in the last few years has also shown a steady decline. The gradual decrease during the period 2007-2010 was followed by a slight recovery in 2011 and a fall again in 2012-2013. By contrast, EU exports of stationery experienced substantial growth from 2010-2012, reaching 279.5 million EUR in 2012.

The output of the five major producers of stationery, namely Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the UK, represent more than 85% of EU output. In Italy, a country with a long tradition in producing of stationery, the production levels decreased by 3.3% annually from 2009-2013. The balance of the countries showed a decline in value terms. Especially significant drop was in the UK (-16.7%).

China, Malaysia, India and Indonesia were the main suppliers of stationery into the EU, and together made up 79% of its total imports. However, the fastest growing suppliers from 2009-20013 were Switzerland had the highest growth rates in the EU imports structure, with a CAGR of 15%. China and Malaysia strengthened their positions in the EU imports structure, while Indonesia reduced its share from 4% in 2007 to 2% in 2013. The shares of the other countries remained relatively stable throughout the analyzed period.   

In 2013, Switzerland and the Russian Federation were the main destinations of EU exports, together comprising 29% of total exports. While the share of the Russian Federation increased, the shares of the USA and Norway illustrated negative dynamics. The shares of the other countries remained relatively stable throughout the analyzed period. 

Source: EU: Articles Of Stationery - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2020