Poppy Seed Market - The Czech Republic Topped the List of Global Poppy Seed Exporters

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Author: Alla Yakimova
Market Analyst

poppy seed market

The poppy seed is one of the essential oilseeds, and its cultivation is a deeply-entrenched tradition in the Czech Republic.

The reason behind the popularity of poppy seeds in the Czech Republic lies in the local cuisine that favors the wide usage of them. In fact, the Czechs put poppy seeds into almost all of their dishes, including cakes, noodles and dumplings. Although each poppy seed is less than one millimeter in length, its unique taste is unmistakable.

Poppy seeds are generally employed as condiment, and as a pressed oil. Containing only negligible quantities of toxic alkaloids of the opium poppy, the seeds, indeed, are safe to use as food.

The Czech Republic dominates in production and trade on the global poppy seed market. In 2014, the Czech Republic exported the lion's share of its total poppy seed output. Of this amount, 22.6% was supplied to the Russian Federation, where the Czech Republic's poppy seed held an 82.3% share of total Russia's consumption.

India (18%), Poland (9%), the Netherlands (9%) and Germany (9%) were the leading destinations of poppy seed imports in 2014, together making up 47% of global imports. The share of India increased significantly (+9 percentage points), while the share of Russia illustrated negative dynamics (-9 percentage points). The shares of the other countries remained relatively stable throughout the analyzed period.

Turkey joined the Czech Republic as the main global suppliers of poppy seeds, combining for a 51% share of global exports. However, the fastest growing suppliers from 2007 to 2014 were China (+23.3%) and Hungary (+22.8%). Despite being the largest global producers of poppy seeds, Hungary and Germany did not export much of their production.

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Source: World: Poppy Seed - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2020