Poland Remains the Largest EU Manufacturer of Ploughs for Agricultural Purposes

Agricultural And Forestry Machinery January 31, 2016
Author: Inara Tsenina
Account Manager

From 2007 to 2014, EU agricultural plough production showed negative dynamics, falling from 62 thousand units in 2007 to 36 thousand units in 2014. It dropped with a CAGR of -7.6% over the period under review. In value terms, EU plough production was 294 million EUR in 2014.

The countries with the largest production of agricultural ploughs in absolute volumes were Poland (7.8 thousand units), France (6.9 thousand units), Germany (5.1 thousand units) and Italy (4.5 thousand units). These four leaders together made up 68% of EU plough production.

Poland dominated in EU plough production and ranked sixth in trade. In 2014, it exported 50% of its total plough output. Of this amount, 14% was supplied to Romania, where Poland's ploughs held a 5% share of total Romania's imports.

Source: EU: Ploughs For Agricultural Purposes - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2020