Net Imports of Wood Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops in the U.S. Pick up Growth as a Result of New Housing Developments and Strong Consumer Spending

Furniture June 03, 2016
Author: Irina Andreeva
Market Analyst

The U.S. dominates in global imports of wood kitchen cabinets and countertops, accounting for a 23% share (based on USD). It was followed by France (11%), Switzerland (7%), and Austria (5%). In 2015, U.S. imports of wood kitchen cabinets and countertops totaled 1,131 million USD, which was 201 million USD (+22%) above the previous year's value.

From 2007 to 2015, U.S. imports of wood kitchen cabinets and countertops showed mixed dynamics. A significant drop in the period from 2007 to 2009 was followed by recovery growth over the next three years. Imports switched to more robust growth over 2013-2015. Overall, there was an annual increase of +14.3% from 2009 (start of the recovery growth) to 2015. In 2014, imports of wood kitchen cabinets and countertops in the U.S. surpassed the pre-recession level of 2007.

Despite fierce competition, the U.S. continues to be one of the most attractive destinations for overseas suppliers.

China was the main supplier of wood kitchen cabinets and countertops into the U.S., with a 68% share of total U.S. imports in 2015. It was distantly followed by Canada and Italy. China was also the fastest growing supplier, with an import share increasing at an annual rate of +11.7% from 2007 to 2015. China almost doubled its share in the U.S. import structure, from 36% in 2007 to 68% in 2015. By contrast, Canada saw its share reduced from 45% to 20%.

From 2007 to 2015, the U.S. was a net importer of wood kitchen cabinets and countertops. Moreover, imports grew faster than exports on average over the period under review.

The U.S. trade deficit in this sector worsened over the period under review, growing from 755 million USD in 2007 to 1,026 million USD in 2014. The negative trend accelerated sharply after 2012, with the trade deficit increasing by +3.9% annually.

Source: U.S. Wood Kitchen Cabinet And Countertop Market. Analysis And Forecast to 2020