Bike Market - German Firm Decides To Peddle Its Bicycles Down Under

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Author: Olga Minchina
Account Manager
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Source: Canyon, photo by Matt Wragg

Canyon Bicycles, a well-known German producer on the bike market, has announced the opening of an office in Melbourne, Australia, as well as the launching of direct sales in New Zealand. The new office will act as a representative of Canyon Bicycles, participating on its behalf at a variety of events, introducing the product to those down under, and providing customer assistance. Bicycles will continue to be manufactured at the company's headquarters in Germany, though.

Ward Grootjans, Canyon's business development and business intelligence director, admitted that the company has been mulling over the idea of entering the Australian and New Zealand markets for a number of years, finally coming to the realization that these countries had enormous potential with a well-developed cycling community that will welcome Canyon bikes.

The office is going to be managed by the company's Australia & New Zealand market manager, Darryl Moliere. The new head of the Melbourne office shared his excitement at becoming the first Australian member of the global Canyon team. He is confident that Canyon bikes will get as much recognition for their quality in Australia and New Zealand as they already have in Europe. Previously, Canyon Bicycles has already successfully opened branches in South Korea and Japan.

Headquartered in Koblenz, Germany, Canyon has been manufacturing bicycles since 2001. This company stands out from its competition in its commitment to an online sales strategy, avoiding intermediaries and thus providing cycling enthusiasts with bicycles at a great value.

At present, Canyon assembles a vast range of road, mountain and time trial bikes. The latest glowing reviews include those for the Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 SL road bike, and the Canyon Spectral AL 29 6.9 mountain bike.

Germany is one of the leaders in the global bicycle trade. In 2014, Germany exported 2,617 thousand units totaling 617 million USD, 10% over the previous year. Its primary trading partner was the Netherlands, where it supplied 25% of its total bicycle exports in value terms, accounting for 30% of the Netherlands's total imports.

From 2007 to 2014, Germany was a net importer of bicycles. Over this period, imports consistently exceeded exports in value terms. However, this gap in recent years has been narrowing.

China and the Netherlands were among the other main global suppliers of bicycles in 2014. However, the fastest growing exporters from 2007 to 2014 were Bulgaria (+19% per year) and Germany (+15% per year).

Germany's top 5 trading partners in 2014 were the Netherlands, Austria, France, the United Kingdom and Italy, with a combined 56% share of Germany's bicycle exports. The share of Italy increased (+4 percentage points), while the share of Austria illustrated negative dynamics (-5 percentage points).

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Source: World: Bicycles And Other Cycles (Not Motorized) - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2020