EU Organo-Sulphur Compound Industry Relapses into Recession

Basic Chemicals February 10, 2016
Author: Inara Tsenina
Account Manager

From 2007 to 2014, EU organo-sulphur compound production showed mixed dynamics, with the rates of 2014 standing at 1,131 thousand tonnes - exactly the same as in 2007. In value terms, EU organo-sulphur compound production was 3.0 billion EUR in 2014, which was 1.1 million EUR (37%) less than the peak level recorded in 2012, yet 712 million EUR above the figures of 2007.

Spain was the largest producer of organo-sulphur compounds in absolute volumes, with 192 thousand tonnes. It was distantly followed by Italy (55 thousand tonnes) and Denmark (12 thousand tonnes).

Positive dynamics in organo-sulphur compound production among the main producing countries from 2007 to 2014 were recorded in Italy (+10.3% per year), while for the other two EU leaders (Spain and Denmark) the paces of growth were more modest or negative.

Spain dominated in EU organo-sulphur compound production and ranked sixth in trade. In 2014, it exported only 1% of its total organo-sulphur compound output. Of this amount, 13% was supplied to Italy, where Spain's organo-sulphur compounds held a 1% share of total Italian imports.

Source: EU: Organo-Sulphur Compounds - Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2020