Cotton Yarn Market - Production Of Cotton Yarn Reached 5 Million Tonnes

Textile Fibres March 12, 2015
Author: Alla Yakimova
Market Analyst

cotton yarn market

The global cotton yarn market has shown mixed dynamics in the last few years. The gradual increase over the period 2009-2011 was followed by a slight decline in 2012-2013, leading the market to 24.4 million tonnes. In 2013, however, in value terms the market value decreased by 5% to 69.4 billion USD, which is far below the highest level recorded in 2011 (74. billion USD). 

China, India, Pakistan and the USA together accounted for approximately 57% of global cotton yarn consumption. Global growth in cotton yarn market is expected to slow to 4.8% (currently +5.4%), amidst sluggish consumer demand. In the past, cotton yarn consumption was fueled by rising purchasing power, especially among developed countries, but this engine of growth is now under pressure from the current economic slowdown.

The countries with the largest production of cotton yarn in absolute volumes were China (5,039 thousand tonnes) and India (4,842 thousand tonnes), which together made up 40% of global output. They were followed by Pakistan (2,634 thousand tonnes), the USA (2,274 thousand tonnes) and Turkey (1,008 thousand tonnes). The most notable growth rate in cotton yarn production among the main producing countries from 2007-2013 was attained by Australia (+33.0% per year), whereas China illustrated a decline by -2.9% per year. 

In 2013, China (2,098 thousand tonnes) was the main destination of global imports, distantly followed by the Republic of Korea (168 thousand tonnes), Turkey (129 thousand tonnes) and the Russian Federation (122 thousand tonnes). These countries together made up 67.5% of global imports in physical terms. China strengthened its position in the global imports structure from 2007-2013, while Italy and Turkey reduced their shares from 4% to 2% and from 5% to 3%, respectively. 

In 2013, India (1.4 million tonnes) and Pakistan (0.7 million tonnes) were the main exporters of cotton yarn in the world. Together they comprised 51.9% of global exports and remained the fastest growing exporters. While the share of India increased from 17% in 2007 to 34% percentage point in 2013, the share of China illustrated negative dynamics (-2 percentage point). The shares of the other countries remained relatively stable throughout the analyzed period.

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Source: World: Cotton Yarn - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2020