Twine And Cordage Market - China, India And the USA Are The Leading Producers Of Twine And Cordage

Cordage, Rope, Twine and Netting March 19, 2015
Author: Svetlana Sitkova
Head of Industrial Research Department

twine and cordage market

The global twine and cordage market has shown mixed dynamics in the last few years. Slight growth from 2007-2010 (6.0% Y-o-Y) was followed by a sharp decrease in 2011 (-16% Y-o-Y). Over the next two years, the market has been relatively stable. 

Global production of twine, cordage, rope and cables illustrated similar trends. The gradual increase during the period 2007-2010 was followed by a slight decline in 2011. In 2013 global production decreased by 1%, reaching 3,487 thousand tonnes, which was by 25% higher than the level of production recorded in 2007 (3,364 thousand tonnes).

The output of the five major producers, namely China, India, the USA, the EU-28 and the Republic of Korea, represented more than 71% of global output. From 2007-2013, these countries showed steady growth in production volumes. Especially high were the growth levels in China (+8.9%) and the USA (+8.6%). 

In 2013, the USA (15.9%), France (5.3%), Germany (4.8%) and Canada (3.6%) were the main destinations of twine, cordage, rope and cables imports, and together made up 29.6% of global imports in physical terms. While the share of Singapore increased slightly (+1.34 percentage points), the share of USA illustrated negative dynamics (-2.3 percentage points). The shares of the other countries remained relatively stable throughout the analyzed period. 

In 2013, China (27.3%), Portugal (11.9%), India (7.2%), the Republic of Korea (5.2%) and the USA (3.7%) were the main global exporters of twine, cordage, rope and cables, with a combined share of 55.3% of global exports. However, the fastest growing exporters in 2007-2013 were Portugal (+12.9% per year) and China (+8.4% per year). It should be mentioned that China and India, despite being two of the largest global producers, did not export a lot of their production, meaning that it was either domestically consumed, or put in storage. China dominates in global production and trade. 

In 2013, China exported 12.3% of its total twine, cordage, rope and cables output. Of this amount, 17.0% was supplied to the USA, where Chinese products held 9.1% share of total U.S. consumption. 

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Source: World: Twine, Cordage, Rope And Cables - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2020